Our weapons mounts are virtually maintenance free

….and are now functioning flawlessly on hundreds of shallow draft river assault craft, coastal patrol vessels, military vehicles, armoured personnel transport units and others around the globe.

Our Product Catalog

Gun Mounts

Our gun mounts include the MK93, MK97, R240, MK95, MK99, MK105, PK10, MK94 HELO mount, MK88 gun mount for the MK38 Weapon System, DK12, and more. Our mounts are for many different weapons that include the .50 cal M2HB, MK19 40MM, M60, M240, M249, LMG, MMG, MAG58, PKM, DShK, M242 and more.

Armor Shields

Armor shields can be furnished with most gun mounts.  The steel armor shields and bracket assemblies have a powder coat finish and include all mounting hardware.


Our stands include the MK16 MOD9 tripod and stand, MK16 MOD8 stand, M6 pedestal mount, ground tripods, swing arms, and more.

Gun Turret Rings

We offer both manual and motorized turret rings for your specific requirements.

Training Aids

We offer the M19 blank firing adapter (BFA) for your training needs.

CRSystems, Inc.

CRSystems is dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs.  We proudly build the best weapon mounts available to suit our customer’s exacting requirements. We have a long history with very reputable customers including Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC and Coast Guard , all of which demand the very best for a variety of different uses.  Each mount is made with the same time honored, long lasting quality as the next.

The men and women protecting our country deserve the best, and the best is what we deliver.  State of the art three dimensional modeling and hydrodynamic design software produces custom tailored weapon mounts through a proven fabrication process, making CRSystems an industry leader.


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