About Us

Who We Are?

CRSystems, Inc. was founded in 2003.  Our customers know that they can depend on us as their weapons system support contractor with our extensive weapons systems knowledge, engineering, and manufacturing capabilities.  CRSystems is dedicated to fulfilling our customers’ needs.  We proudly build the best weapon mounts available to suit our customer’s exacting requirements. We have a long history with very reputable customers including Army, Air Force, Navy, USMC and Coast Guard , all of which demand the very best for a variety of different uses.  Each mount is made with the same time honored, long lasting quality as the next.  Our reputation for excellence and on time deliveries has resulted in a rapidly expanding network throughout all branches of the military, government agencies, commercial shipyards and vehicle manufactures

Our Weapon Mounts

Our weapon mounts are virtually maintenance free and are now functioning flawlessly in hundreds of applications.  Regardless of the size of your order, we get a lot of customers with small orders that other companies will not quote due to the order size.

If you are interested in having high quality weapon mounts installed on your combat platforms at a reasonable, and competitive price, please give CRSystems an opportunity to bid on your next procurement contract.

Combat Platforms include:

  • shallow draft river assault craft
  • coastal patrol vessels
  • military vehicles
  • helicopters
  • armoured personnel transport units
  • and others around the globe
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