MK93 Gun Mount with 50cal 200 rd ACH

MK93 Gun Mount with 50cal 200 rd ACH

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The MK93 gun mount is capable of holding either the .50 cal or MK19 Machine Guns.  With adapters the M60 and or M240 Machine guns can be installed on the mount.  The mount is manufactured using corrosive resistant stainless steel and has a powder coat finish

MK93 mount features include:

  • Shock absorbers that greatly reduce the recoil force of the .50 cal machine gun
  • Interchangeable pintles
  • On the mount 200 round .50 cal ammo can and holder
  • On the mount MK19 40mm ammo can holder that will accept either the 32 or 48 round ammo cans


Safety Features include:

  • Adjustable depression stop
  • Train stop block that will function with the train stop (azimuth hard stops) on the MK16 MOD8 stand


Optional items include:

  • Armor shield Kit consisting of armor shield, bracket, and hardware
  • Adapters for installing the M60 and or M240 Machine Guns
  • 7.62 ammo can holders for 200 or 600 rounds.
  • On the mount 100 round .50 cal ammo can holder


Current Users of the MK93 Gun Mount include:

  • US Navy, US Air Force, US Army , US Marine Corp, US Government, and others